Monday, 26 September 2011

Day to Day

Hi - I suspect I am on the autistic spectrum....Aspergers Syndrome is a mild form of autism and high functioning.  I look normal, I sound normal (ish) and I act normal (ish).  It's only when you get to know me that you realise that something isn't quite right!

At 47, I have managed to mask a lot of the so called symptoms.  I can look people in the eye when I have a conversation.  I can just about understand all of what is being said to me.  I do still have problems with understanding instructions but that is over come by me acting as if I am a nitwit.

I do not stim in company (stim is a term used for repetitive physical movements e.g. rocking back and forward).  I do stim when really upset - mine is a wringing of hands - well, I place my left thumb in the palm of my right hand swivel and repeat.  Try it!

Sensory overload is a difficulty - I have hypersensitivity to smell - most people reek to me.  I especially hate any form of perfume.    Old age has seen to the hypersensitivity to hearing but I can detect a buzzing insect from several feet still...

Unfortunately for me I was not born with a high IQ - my brother (who is a typical Aspie - although also undiagnosed) got all the brains.   This is quite least being a brainy geek might have been a compensation..?  Who knows.  He doesn't seem to like it much.  

If I meet you once - don't expect me to recognise you until you speak.  I don't do faces.  I probably wouldn't know if you were angry or irritated until you told me.  I can however get the happy smiley face - after years of practice.

My spelling is quite bad - forgive me.  I am told this is typical of Aspies - a form of dyslexia.   I think I do okay despite that - because I read a great deal.  However, my grammar still sucks. 

Special interests?  Well, more typically the Aspie lads will have one specific interest e.g. cars, computers and in my brothers case, horse racing.  Aspie Lasses are a little bit more diverse.  I like 1930's cars, houses (moderne), fashions and Agatha Christie books.     I also like house plans in general and can look at them for ages.   Other interests include offices and American Indians.   Lucky for me I work in an office and can use a stamp every day if I want.  Hilarious.

Daily life can be quite chaotic so routines are essential for me.   By adding showers and clean clothes into the routine I am glad to say my hygiene standards aren't bad.  Left to my own devices I would wear the same things daily (not because I want to be a mink but I am compelled). 

during the day (breakfast and lunch) I will eat the same things - for months/years until the next new obsession comes along.  I am forced into offering variety to my family because for some reason this is a Good Thing....

Children - hmmm...I love mine to bits as you would expect.  But the chaos, smells, noise, really overloads me.  I have to be careful not to take my frustrations out on my children.    They love me though and both say I am a great mum.  Good to hear - even though I know their experience is very limited.  

Talking of children - sometimes forget to cut toenails, do dentist, homework and so on.  They aren't in my routine.  Fortunately my husband is there to remind me or indeed the children will sort themselves out or tell me to do something.  Lucky me. 

Anyway, this is just a snap shot - there is far more to it than that.  But please let me know if you want any information.  I will always be happy to do that. 

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  1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your story! It's good to learn about you in paragraph form!

    I am glad to know I'm not the only Aspie mum out there, sometimes I feel so alone. Parenting can be so overwhelming at times.

    I think I will follow your example and do more routine with my son, I am terrible with homework!