Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Is it all lights and noise??

Aspies tend to have a rough time in the outside world.  That's why so many of us like it at home where we can have some control over the environment. 

I particularly dislike smells of perfumes or other chemically smells.  If I am with anyone who is wearing perfume, I will develop watery eyes, a cough (that can go on for days and bloody nights), a strong sense of 'get me out of here', not to mention nausea in the first extreme.  Unluckily for me, all NT's seem to try and compete with each other to be the least pleasant smelling beings in the land....!

Fortunately, I do not have light issues.  So many of my Aspie friends cannot abide a fluorescent light humming above them casting a horrible yellow glow.   They should be as lucky as me...I work for an electrical contractor and thus our offices are bedecked with PC friendly lighting and a lovely white tiled ceiling - no humming or flickering there...lucky old me. 

Extremely lucky me only has one other person in the office to deal with - and shiny boss is pretty Aspie in some ways too.  Also hates smells, picks the skin off his thumb all the time and is about as sociable as a hibernating bear.    Just a few of his mindbogglingly 'awfy like' an Aspie habits...he says he isn't but then I fear he might be comparing himself to me - and he thinks I am barking...hilarious.  Poor shiny boss - he will never recommend working with Aspies.  Well, I suppose he likes it sometimes.  I am always there pretty much same time every day, I am reliable, hard working, focused, obsessed with doing a good job, obsessed with improving all our procedures.  I am loyal up to a point - the point where he annoys me so much I have to moan about him...he probably does the same about me - it's not easy working 5 days a week with one person without there being niggles.

Now, some working environments just aren't set up for the Aspie.  The smells, the lights and basically Other People.   Other people talk crap a lot - nothing to do with work.  They are exceedingly dull to an Aspie.  They don't really want our opinions on anything and because some of us are knowledge buckets, we could have an opinion on just about anything or say 'hello' in 40 different languages - it's the Aspie way.   We are considered 'weird' if we are women and if you are a male Aspie, there is a good chance you murder people with matchsticks which you then make into a ship.  NT's have strange ideas about those of us on the spectrum.  Just because we don't care who Cheryl Cole is or watch inane rubbish on TV, does not classify us as loonies....honest! 

And yes, despite what you think, we feel a great deal.  Peaking emotions watching the Andrex advert is not uncommon.  Aspies often love animals, children, and basically care about any vulnerable beings.   Injustices make us crazy mad, wars make us cry.  We have the world on our shoulders and we feel all the pain and suffering abundantly every day.  Try that coat on for size. 

One thing I have learned through 'meeting' my Aspie friends - they are all brave, kind, decent human beings - just trying to make their way through all the lights and noise. 


  1. Good for you. And yes we are brave and nice. At least the ones I know.

  2. I LOVE this post! Where you talk about the emotions, injustices and loving the vulnerable beings...that is well written and exactly how i feel. I think I will have to share a link to this on my page! :)