Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Brain Explosion

There are one or two things that can 'crash' the Aspie brain.  The main one is lack of logic.  

Why, for example, in a couple when both work the same hours, is only one part of that couple expected to do all domestic work as well?   This is totally confusing to me.  

How can any normal, sane human being divide up tasks by gender?   What is 'men's work?  What is 'women's' work?  

How strange.  Surely it makes sense in a couple situation to divvy up work by who likes doing what or who is good at doing what.  If you are both terrible at cleaning - hire someone!   If you both like cooking - take it in turns...??

Why is it that if you have over ten years of experience in your job, you will still be paid less than someone just starting out in a different profession? 

Why is it that works dominated by men are better paid and more highly thought of than jobs that are predominantly done by women?  

And in my rather communist way, I think all people should be paid the same regardless of the job they do.   Every working individual puts something equally important into the pot - so how can we even say that one job is more important than another.  Granted, some people might have spent years training - so how about everyone is paid the same hourly rate PLUS a supplement for training (say, by years)....A doctor would therefore get paid the same as a shelf-stacker but also be rewarded for training and further education by a supplement of about 8 years...perhaps £1K for every year of training?    I don't think there is a problem rewarding people for putting the educational effort in?   That is of course providing all further education was equally accessible to all. 

Aspies can come across as unreasonable - especially if you interrupt the 'special interest' time but on the whole, most are quick, intelligent people and as such, injustices, lack of fairness and illogicality (is that even a word?) drive us all potty. 

Needless to say, we can thank my lazy husband for inspiring this rather short rant about social imbalance!!   Best not to blog what he actually said because if I started on about him, I might not stop this time......

Never give in to nonsense, no matter where it comes from.......

ps  I have cooked four delicious meals this week - truly appreciated by my children...Lazy Husband has complained EVERY night about them....apparently minted lamb chops, steaks, home made meatballs in a tomato based sauce, and roast chicken are not to his liking.....Not sure I give where did I put that hammer.....


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