Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Do All Bad Things Come in Threes?

High winds again!  Oh great.  Not only were these winds higher than the last lot, they had rain attached.  Pleasant to walk about in.  Am beginning to think snow would be better...hmmmm

So, what went wrong? 

First of all, my car decided to give up.   Fortunately, I had managed to drive all the way to my office (with daughter in tow) and only discovered it was kaput when we were going to drive to the local shops for some food at lunchtime last Friday.   Apparently the battery wasn't charging.  Nice RAC man came, had a look at it, charged battery enough to get me to garage and drove me and small daughter home.

This would have been great but of course, New Year and the world and his wife don't surface until after the 2nd of January or later depending on what day it falls.  So, spent the entire time without car.  Fortunately, it being New Year, I had no intention of setting foot out of door. 

What transpired of course was that the garage wanted £321.96 to fit an altenator and accessory belt.    I asked them (dry mouthed) to tell me what that was for.    Wait for it - £150 for an altenator, £10 for a belt and the rest for labour.  Now I like to use a well known garage - gives me faith in what I am doing so I said 'okay'.   Then I told husband who said 'not okay'.  He drove to garage with a friendly mechanic found by my stepson, picked up car and drove it to our mechanics garage.  My step son then sourced an altenator for £60 (just think about well known garage's mark up on that baby!).    Friendly mechanic has charged me £45 quid to fit it and he did a couple of extra bits and bobs that needed doing and gave me some sage advice about oil and filters - these he could have sorted but my step son was adamant that he shouldn't (step son knows a Vauxhall mechanic who can do other bits).  Step son actually knows everyone.

After a pleasant New Year of nothingness and moving on from trauma of cars - the high winds blew several ridge tiles off roof and a few slates followed suit.  Some of these slates arrived via neighbour in a plastic bag having been rescued from their lawn.   A trip up to loft and saw daylight - this wasn't a job to wait.  Step son arranges a roofer to nip round.  Indeed this wonderful chap nipped in,  gathered all rescued tiles and ridges, slapped them back on and offered more sage advice about trims or rims (couldn't get it at all).   Charging £50 - angel that he is.

As we were bemoaning the state of the lawn and the new slate accessories adorning it, we also noticed the waste pipe for our loo cistern was chucking water out a bit shouldn't do it at all apparently - only if absolutely necessary.  If that wasn't enough, water was also coming down the walls of the kitchen....oh.....

Step son knows a plumber who duly attended, fiddled about in the cistern, and is coming back tomorrow with a valve (don't ask - no idea) - and lovely man is only charging a tenner for this.   He will be coming back soon to re-do the entire loo when I have enough to buy it.  He is a genius. 

The real genius is of course rather amazing step-son who just seems to have magic around him.    He also got rather lazy husband to run back and forth with my car which is a miracle.  I haven't actually had to do much apart from let people in the door!   

My understanding is that most people would be fairly taken aback by all of this let alone an Aspie.  And really there are no words to describe how grateful I am to these wonderful people.    Not one person would probably understand that I am now in a state of abject misery because I have to go into a tyre place and ask for an oil change and filter.....ridiculous but true.     Of course, if you ask another Aspie, they would just go 'of course - nightmare' and get it straight away.  That's why adult aspies need other adult aspies to talk to!

Well, life is nearly perfect but for the fact that daughters out of school club were booking only this week and guess who didn't book because I assumed she was booked in already.  So, small person will have to come to work and sit in a corner very, very quietly.....and there goes a pig past the window....

Beginning to wish for just one measly day all to myself.....

And if I got it, would be missing my children..........can't win!

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