Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Skin and Other Stuff

Funny old thing is skin.  It's okay when it's neat on you but as soon as bits fall off you it becomes disgusting.  

What about Aspie skin.  Well I am intrigued to find out whether a lot of Aspies suffer from skin problems (more than 'normal' population).  

My Aspie brother and I both suffer from skin irritations of one sort or another.  Mine is bloody itchy at the moment.  The legs I know about - it's from the inside of my boots (man made fibre) but the itches on my back defy me.

Brother has rashes all the time.    Apparently these are allergies like mine.  

Well, our genetics would make that possible I suppose.  But then when speaking with other Aspies, it seems to be a common factor.   I shall raise this specific issue on the Adult Support page tomorrow and see if I can get to the root of it all.

What about generally and without allergies?  Well, certain parts of my body are very sensitive (oooo-err Missus - cut it out people).  The arms (specifically from shoulder to elbow) cannot be touched - it is like having bruises on the skin.  Sometimes even my hair seems to hurt - bizarre.   A lot of Aspies have feet issues and of course there is my infamous belly button disorder.  

So much for these skin issues.  I shall develop this theme later!

The other stuff.  Well, I have been of prime brain recently with the neurons firing as I imagine an NT brain might.  I have not been befuddled or confused by much.  Why this fluctuation of ability occurs I cannot say.  I have spoken to other Aspies about it and it seems that I am not alone.  People have good and bad days. 

At the moment, I believe my well being is derived from positive action.  I have updated my curriculum vitae and am pleased with the results.  Not only am I pleased, but I have had a positive response from one or two employers already.    I am quite surprised.  Given my age and the recession, I thought a job cruise would be fruitless.  A job cruise is an expression I have invented for 'seeing what else is out there' - it's something I do frequently.   This is not necessarily because I am unhappy at work - quite the opposite.  However, a good employee should know if they are well off or need to start shouting about a pay rise. 

Having looked around, I see I am indeed drastically underpaid (see previous blogs) and that other employers are offering a good deal.  Now this job cruise could also have a different outcome.  Sometimes you see that you are in the right job at the right money and contentment seeps back.  

Restlessness is the bedfellow of envy. 

What this latest job cruise has shown me though beyond a doubt is that you should never be complacent at work, that no employer actually cares that much and that you are ultimately replaceable.   It reminds me to work to live.  

And despite the fact I am resolute about making no resolutions, I plan to do some living this year! 


  1. People with asperger's have feet issues? I must google that, because I sure do. As for skin issues, I have some of those too but not allergy related. Just hypersensitive to itchy stuff and certain fabrics. I'll have to peruse the rest of your blog and learn some more!

    1. Yes. A lot of Aspies suffer with skin irritations of one sort or another. And hypersensitivity to certain fabrics. Hope the blog helps!