Thursday, 9 February 2012

Back Again!

Oh, I missed a good blog.  But have been extremely busy or otherwise not inclinded to do much in the way of writing, tweeting, or other such enjoyable pursuits.

Why busy?  Well, life is coming to that crossroads.  I can 'feel' it coming upon me.  I need to revitalise my existence.  Am not sure how yet of course but there are few options.  Firstly, I am the mother of two adorable children.  That part of my life makes me very, very happy unless they are moaning at me!   The house needs a complete overhaul but times are hard so this is going to have to be done efficiently and cheaply.    A bit of graft can go a long way.  And there are the inevitable assessments of other people in ones life.  Do they stay or go?   Not that many to rid myself of - being an Aspie brings with it a complete inability to sustain decent friendships/relationships.   Unless you happen to know the most understanding person on the planet, most people will be frustrated, angry or plain confused by being close to an Aspie! 

Other Aspies 'get it' so if I could surround myself by other Aspies things would go quite well.  Complete lack of demands, the occasional meltdown, the lack of verbal communication....hmm...sounding quite good actually.

So.  My cooking is actually improving believe it or not.  I made a cracking roast beef a couple of Sunday's ago.  This was thanks to the masterful Heston Bloomin' Tail.   I took a big wedge of beef, poured in some stock, wrapped the whole shebang in  foil and slow cooked it for several hours.  I left it to rest for twenty minutes and it was very soft, tasty and rather amazing...woohoo.

Since then, I have glided effortlessly between making stuff myself from scratch which I love and buying horrible ready made gunge - slowly the family are coming round to 'home made is best'.    I have a technique going and it wont be long before anything from the freezer counter will not be allowed (unless it's ice cream).  Quite right.  Oh, and frozen peas are actually edible (if you cook them of course).   The midway between meals are the ones like spag bol - fresh beef mince but a jar of sauce....these are still popular.  I have yet to make a good pasta sauce that everyone likes. 

Indeed, cooking is still a lovely past time.  With a bit of a holiday next week - I hope to indulge myself with some baking too.  I thought a good bread made with olive oil and a wholesome soup....wonderful.    I did make a white cabbage soup recently and it was extremely nice.  Unfortunately, the thought of cabbage soup upsets a lot of people and no takers except my lovely daughter who will try anything. 

I might even buy a tin of paint and get stuck into son's room - he will be away for the week so it's an ideal opportunity to make one room in the house almost habitable.  Or is that just plain ambitious.....

Step up - sometimes the best views are from the highest windows.

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