Monday, 20 February 2012

Back to Work

A good day! 

Yes.  I did have a lovely week at home but I was happy to be back at my desk as well.  Boss had kept up some of the jobs so it was far less work to contend with than normal.   

Not only that but Boss is buying a house!  Woohoo.  I get to see all the pictures.  For those of you who know Aspies, you will know most have a special interest - mine just happens to be houses.  I can browse for hours and pretend I am talking to Phil and Kirsty (Location, Location, Location) about which house would suit me best.  I love to look at pictures of houses, house plans, nasty houses, nice houses, new or old.  

When I was little, my mother used to take me to see houses.  Not stately homes (although we did that too).  She pretended that she was buying and we would 'view'.   I think my mother might be on the spectrum too....anyway, it's pretty unfair on vendors and agents but what a glorious past time for me...! 

If anyone posts a picture of themselves, I am looking the room behind them...people do not interest me as much. 

I am fairly critical of other people's houses.  I often wonder why they choose a god awful leather sofa from a warehouse and stick it in a victorian terraced villa but there you go.   I like things to be suitable.  Given that I live in a virtual slum, it's even more thrilling.

Now, houses are not my only special interest.  I love things from the 1930's - especially the white, 'moderne' style of house (some built in 1940's as well).   Arts and Crafts houses too - but preferably without the very dark wood!    I love anything to do with Native American Indians - afterall, from a tiny tot, I thought I was one....plucked from my tribe to spend time with a crazy family from made sense then.   

And I love offices.  This is why I work in one.  I love the order.  I like paper-shuffling.  I love my computer - I think excel sheets are great!   

Nothing happier than an Aspie quietly enjoying their special interest(s). 

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