Sunday, 18 December 2011


I rarely put LMAO - it's so rude....but 'Laughing My Socks Off' does seem child-friendly?  This is okay for an abbreviation - there are so many unnecessary ones e.g. poly bag, pressie, kids....need I go on.  Some abbreviations are so painful to me...

There are times of course when an abbreviation is the only sensible way forward.  I have been known to thumb out an entire text with full words...but it seems so silly...what's wrong with 'k' instead of 'okay' - except you spend the same amount of money on it.  Personally, I like to get value for my text expense.  And of course it takes less time to process proper words than silly ones - 'Hi m8, got ur pressie - cu soon x'  - Bloody great.  Am getting a present from a m8 - no idea who of course.  No-one signs a text!  You should just know it because of course you kept their mobile number the last time the m8 sent a text...didn't you?

And if you are audacious enough to send one without a comes back at you 'who are you?' - there is something mildly insulting about that...but there is a reason - they changed their phone and haven't put all the numbers across, the phone was dunked in the bog and lost all data, left phone in a dark corner of pub,  yeah, k, get it...

Don't get me wrong.  I love a mobile phone.  I really do.  There is something reassuring to have it near.  If you waltz off for a very long car journey in a rust bucket, there is a way to contact the AA.  If you are in a shop and see something useful and need to phone your partner to check whether to buy it or not - the moby (aaahhh) comes into it's own. 

Of course, my mobile phone is not a lovely HTC mdooby with lovely apps...I really want one for Christmas but I have as much chance of that as I would do being PM (prime mug).   I guess it's socks and a handbag for me!! 

I need apps (lovely abbreviation).  I need SATNAV (oohhh), Asda, PCS (price comparison sites), FB and many other abbreviations.  This isn't just any desire, this is your M&S desire....

Never mind, still LMAO. 

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