Sunday, 11 December 2011


Be serious.  Who writes a whole blog on mucus.  Even the word is viscous and revolting.  But mucus weighs on my mind (literally at the moment).  My daughter has tons of it - looks like the number eleven bus.  I have tons of it.  However, I did look up Sinusitis and it is indeed a veritable disease that anyone can get.  I have it.  Definitely have it. 

Enough of snot.   The weekend is nearly over.   In a way it's a bummer because we all love a long lie.  On the upside of it, I will be back at my beloved desk doing what I love doing.....shuffling paper and being helpful.    Downside is I am nearer to the dreaded client lunch.  Now I am very fond of the people who attend this bash - well all but one maybe.   But the very thought of sitting next to people I don't eat with daily...horrors.    Dutifully I attend every year.   I act like the equivalent of a court jester, get the ice broken, eat my own weight in mange tout and get out of there.  Another year over.  

There is actually a second client lunch - it is for the people who wont attend the first one due to one person (the person I don't like either).  This is much more informal and frankly much better fun.   But don't tell anyone...shhh....

Neither event sports a drink I might add.  Drink driving is a no-no. So, I do all this stone cold sober.  How utterly driven and devoted to my company am I?  If only they knew (and gave me more money). 

Re food.  Scientists have recently discovered a 'brain' in our stomachs.  This 'brain' actually sends messages to the real one about our moods, diseases, our eating habits and so on.  This is why people who go to MacDonalds too often have the IQ of a lettuce (less than a carrot - that's me).   I try and eat a healthy diet and I am sure this helps the rest of me to be more alert.  But it does suggest that our 'gut instincts', IBS, and butterflies are all 'real' issues.   Fascinating.   It's written in Psychology Today - called 'Brain Backup' if you want to have a browse.

Food and Mucus duly dealt with.  

Found out husband also dislikes Haggis.    Another dislike to add to the copious amounts already mentioned in previous blogs.  Never trust anyone who is a fussy eater.    It probably means they are fussy about everything....I should know.  It's a real pain in the Balmoral Chicken....


  1. Yay! Mucus! Oh, wait. That sounds revolting! I meant, "interesting post." :)

    I *hate* stuffed up sinuses--rolling from side to side at night, not being able to sleep. Blah. Odd how such a simple thing can make one suffer so.

    I remember from psychopharmacology classes that 98% of your body's seratonin is located in your gut. I believe the link between body and mind is stronger than our culture admits.

  2. Yes. I read that article about a 'brain' in our stomachs - very enlightening. Like all the best scientific discoveries - it starts with common sense!