Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another Aspie Day

Well, luckier than normal - could understand nearly everyone today...except my boss who telephones me from his car - he also mumbles which is really annoying!  Anyway, he phoned a few times from his mobile and mumbled away happily - I had to stretch my hearing to full capacity to get every other word.  Anyway, I failed big time so had to come up with reasonable little phrases like 'Mmmm...yeah....'.  Not a good response if he was mumbling questions. 

The problem extends beyond my auditory difficulties....I also was tuned into my work (paper shuffling big time) and had to tune out to 'listen'.   Grumpy I was.   

It wasn't just my dear boss either - had to put up with many calls interrupting my beloved work.  But being there on the end of a phone is also part of my job.   Now quite often I am adept at chatting rubbish for long periods of time.  Unfortunately an inevitable spout of too much personal information will be let loose on my unsuspecting telephone comrade.   Most people can handle it - they think I am insane - but they can take it....

These same comrades will phone a couple of days later expecting the same treatment only to be met with Mrs Mute.   Has she got a split personality?  She just might have....

Now I have also taken to telling anyone who will listen that I am on the spectrum - this is met with dumb stares (at least I think that's what the reaction is - not always easy to tell).  Either nobody knows what Aspergers is or they are just shocked that I have only finally realised..

Right.  Am off to see what is happening on Facebook - my preferred way of socialising.    

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