Monday, 3 October 2011


Had a good day all in all.  The overload of senses has calmed down now and no headache for a change! 

So, I got to see a beautiful baby, a mate dropped by at work, I laughed a lot, my son's school report was good, my husband was unusually cheerful, my daughters new dress fitted a treat and the evening meal was edible (I wont say good - let's not stretch it). 

I was overwhelmed at work and a bit short with everyone when I got in - I needed brain space - brain hadn't caught up.  But hey, it all worked out okay.

I was on FB on the Adult Aspergers page and enjoyed catching up on there and having a banter with my Aspie friends - I love that I don't need to explain anything.  Everyone just accepts you - mad as a brush is fine! 

Yesterday I did over indulge in one of my special interests - 1930's moderne houses - I splatted my FB page with loads of pictures.  Well, its my page and I will do as I please. 

Now I am accepting that I am an Aspie, I have been able to release the real me in dribs and drabs - its a very liberating experience.  

Now to start my campaign to stop people from wearing perfumes.  Not nice smells!!!!!!

Hands up if you want to rid the world of stink!  Me...

Right.  Gotta get going.  Bed and then work in the morning - lovely routine...ahhha...

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