Sunday, 9 October 2011

Another Day, Another Overload

Well, it serves me right.  My little girl can talk....and she did...all day - I actually had to ask her to stop talking in the supermarket just so my brain could have a rest and remember what we were actually there for!   Super-torture. 

What a little superstar she is - having got her mits on a rather advanced text book on Animals, she decided that I was to draw several of these animals so she could devise her own books (notice the plural there).

I am not an artist.   However, trying to be motherly, I did the deed and we have succeeded in producing two badly drawn books - just to make it a little educational, I made sure it was all labelled correctly...I have a degree in biological sciences - hope my angel doesn't get too interested in it.  There is very little you can do with a biology degree unless its a superfirst one with lots of post graduate 'stuff' slammed on the end.   

Teaching is not an option.  30 of the little lambs in the same room.  I would be dribbling in a corner somewhere begging to be left to die.  

By two o' clock today, I had a major headache (a lot of chatter can do that to an Aspie).   No damn films on the TV (one-eyed nanny) to give me a small breather (what is the point of paying that much for Sky only to be let down?). 

At 4pm I threw a chicken in the oven.  This was covered in herbs out of my own garden - virtuous or what?   I got a brief ten minutes to myself so I finished my book on my Kindle and then started to prep the rest of the dinner.

Husband arrived back from work - doing a little overtime.   He was not as grumpy as usual but did tell me about his day - more chatter.....luckily I don't actually have to listen to any of it as it's normally repeated a couple of times later on. 

So, after dinner - did I get to sit down and relax.  Nope.  No sooner had my bum hit the chair, a small voice insisted I finish her animal books.  This done it turned out she needed her shower.   Well, all is now quiet from daughter's room - her tooth came out so the fairy has a pound waiting...........lets hope I don't forget.  I did it once and the guilt ripped me apart.

One good thing did happen - the little angel let me know her toenails needed a clipping.  Aspies can forget this sort of thing easily - along with dentist appointments, doctors, hair washing, and all manner of other things people seem to manage with perfect ease in other households.....I keep trying though.  No point in giving up now.

I miss my son.  He has gone to his fathers for the October week.  He doesn't say much so it's relaxing for me to have him around.  He also makes me laugh which is a bonus.    The two of us fought the world alone for several years so there is a bond there (I hope it lasts).  Do all children wake up one day and hate their parents?  I dread that.  I know I haven't been a great parent but I sort of hoped I had made the grade in some respects.   

Right.  I am off to hunt out new recipes to torture my lovely family with.  They really do hate my cooking.  Ungrateful bunch! 

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