Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Brain is Full!

Last couple of days have been a nightmare in terms of understanding anything being said to me....

My poor boss gets so frustrated but I really can't understand a word he says if the radio is on or if its raining on the metal roof of our office or indeed if I am absorbed in a task in the office.    The part of my brain that receives signals must just shut down for a rest or something.

This can be triggered by having a full brain (!) i.e. thinking about what I am doing or what I am going to do, hormones (can depend on the ups and downs of womanhood), external factors like noise as mentioned above.  All of these things contribute to make me look glaikit (daft as a brush).  I have a special look - eyes wide open, mouth repeating what is being said to me...and then having to ask for a repeat performance and then still not getting it.  Sometimes just one word in three - not great....

Anyway, when I get home its pretty bad too.  My husband likes to tell me in yawning detail about his day at work, my youngest (who is very loud) likes to yell/tell me about her day too.  Fortunately my son is a monosyllabic teenager.....very restful.  He can grunt too.    To buy myself some time, I get busy cooking pretty much as soon as I am through the door.  I can absorb myself in this task and block out quite a bit (not great for everyone else).   By eating time, I can cope with table talk and eye spy and the giggling, farting, burping and elbows on the table malarky that goes with my family supper.

Then I escape to my room and relate to my computer....sometimes I get a whole five minutes without the sound of 'mum'.....I even reply 'whitnoo?' like a really caring, sharing does not phase my children at all.  Pity.

Bed time is great.  No talking, listening or even much mental agility required........bliss.

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