Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Birthday Girl

It was my little girl's birthday today - she is seven.  As per previous posts, my daughter has a non-stop talky nature.  Today it was on over-drive! 

Of course it is to be expected but a whole day of it and not being able to tell her to be quiet was feckin' annoying.  I had to be nice mum most of the day.

Now, I love my sister-in-law but did she have to by a Disney Princess Microphone?  Hilarious that it plays a snippet of what I believe is a Strauss waltz - a little 'edumeecashun' chucked in for good measure.  Anyway, it makes noisy kid into mega noisy kid - but she loves it.  I can be tolerant - especially with a dose of pain killers to hand....

Worst part of the day - a trip to Burger King in Stirling.  The place is a tip.  The staff seemed clueless, the wait was ridiculous (fast food it aint), the meal was just awful.   We rarely go to these places because for the amount spent, we could have eaten like kings at home - but we did feel a little bad for Becks.  

A seven year old with middle-aged parents...(her half-brother who she adores is on holiday with his Dad this week), couldn't do a party, and none of my husband's children from his first marriage recognise any relationship with her - they weren't going to visit or send a card for sure. 

A dilemma for me.  Not for her dad.  He tends to visit his own children without me or Rebecca and certainly not with my son.   But I reckon from their point of view another child from a different mother isn't something they relish?  Who knows.   Anyway, I don't tag along usually - I think its important for his first children to feel they have access to their dad without his 'new family'?   Just feel that to cope with it all my husband needs to put it all in compartments.   I can get that. 

I would love to hear from people with step-families to see how they cope with it all. 

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