Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One More Day!

Well, I had a good day - couldn't really understand anyone at all but as I was on my own for a good part of the day I didn't actually care!  I suspect it's really annoying for anyone trying to communicate with me but that's sort of

Homework night - my daughter had 3 lots of homework as I think she forgets to bring her jotter home!  Anyway, we started at 6.45pm and finished at 8.00 pm.  It wasn't that there was massive amounts of homework, it's just that she talks, and talks, and ears were wilting!

I have an hour to myself before my son and I tackle his revision homework for business studies.  Luckily it's marketing and I have a diploma in that.  I have lots of qualifications which I never use.  Part of the fun of being an Aspie is that you can be as clever as you like but because your communication skills suck people think you are too weird and you get overlooked for more challenging jobs and/or promotion.  Not every Aspie gets this - there are some companies who actively seek out the high IQ types who are a whizz with computers.  Microsoft has more than their fair share.   If you have an Aspie child try and think about what special interests they possess and see if that can be translated into a job - if it can then encourage!  

My work is in an office - I like offices in general (particularly all the gadgets e.g. staplers, hole punches, and date stamps).  This was one of my special interests.  I can also see office processes from start to finish in my minds eye so I make a damn good office manager.  I can set up procedures or rectify bad ones.  In the past I have been head-hunted for these very talents.  It takes time and dedication but I can get most offices running like clockwork - I have never failed in this.    The office I run at the moment is exciting because things change regularly so you have to adopt a fluid approach - I love the challenge of having to assimilate new processes and procedures when things change. 

Obsessions are common with Aspies - we call them 'interests'.  I am like that with my work.   Many Aspies are like that so make very reliable staff.    They don't like breaks in their routine so are only off if they have to be.  They work solidly through the day without chatting (although I am a chatterbox on the phone) and will do more than is asked of them.  A great many employers are missing a trick!   

So, I'm off to help my son with his homework. 

A great day.

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