Thursday, 24 November 2011

An Aspie Day from Hell

Wont go into too many details but had a major meltdown last night - resulted in me telling my daughter off and rowing with my husband.

Laid back son comes through when it all goes quite 'what were you fighting about then?'
I reply 'a packet of crisps' - son smiles 'serious then' - and I tell him what happened and how I feel rather sorry for myself at that moment.  A bit of sniffing and a tear or two.   He stands there...'I'm not good at this...' and runs back to his room.  This makes me laugh. 

Today started with me still having my cold and then waking my daughter who is all puffed up from crying the night before (I could smother her in cuddles at that moment - I don't of course cos I'm an Aspie and cuddles are pretty bad - you want to, you really do but it's not so great in reality!).  Anyway, I made faces at her until she laughed and then gave her tea and bourbon biscuits for breakfast - she loves this (biscuits for breakfast - that's almost French, isn't it?).

We ended up laughing our socks off and yes, a cuddle happened and I didn't mind so much because she is the nicest person to cuddle in the world. 

All well on that front - although I felt like a heel for shouting at her the night before.  I hate rows.

Got to work feeling hellish - and the day wasn't too bad until the phone started ringing - it pretty much rang again every time I picked up a call until I felt like a receptionist in a corporation of some sort.  I thought, where are my headphones?   

So, a cold, a misery about fighting with people, too many phone calls and then yahoo - a memo with instructions for a new process of invoicing arrives...haven't a clue the first read, pretty much the same with the second read....then it starts to unravel with read 3,4 and 5 and I many questions...typical.

Processing instructions - one of the fun things I can't do really quickly.  Once it's in, it's in, it just takes it's time getting there....

Hooray.  Time to go home.   I meander my way home, pick up daughter from after school club, buy her sweets to make myself feel better and at home, I start the supper......

Husband comes to table when I shout the shout (like a herd of thirsty elephants racing to a waterhole).   Takes bite of supper....have you put salt on this?    Have you put salt in my supper?   In other words was I trying to poison him....hilarious.    He gets up and leaves the table with the 'I'm very pissed off look'  I have come to recognise.  Children and I make faces at each other and laugh.   Then we eat his dinner too!  Bonus.  No-one else could taste salt (I don't like salty food so if I use any, it's very, very little).  On saying that we all have colds...evil laugh....

So, he has not moved from the sofa and his xbox all evening - is in a huff.  I am not in a huff.  I have meltdowns and then that's it over with.  I just like it when we are not speaking as it's very restful for me.  I make a point of keeping this silent row for a few days so I can get some peace.

My day pretty much sucks eh?  But actually, I can't lie, things did improve.  I played tickle monster with daughter until her bed time - then we cuddled up and had a chat and she is back to her usual self.  Son and I did some maths homework together and sorted it out his prelim timetable. 

Things will be great tomorrow - its Friday, I think I get paid, I am itching to get the advent calendars in preparation for the 1st.  I really want to get them on time this year!   Aspies can forget a lot of stuff....!  But it is on my list of things to do.....if I remember to look at that list we should be fine.....

If I am at war with you, I'm at war with the world..............

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