Friday, 25 November 2011

The Day After The Aspie Day From Hell

Well, good news - my daughter and I are back on track as best friends again.  Felt so good.

Day was going okay until one of our clients agents rang up and decided it was time for another ding dong - he has been doing this all week!  So, I  listen passively to ranting, screaming and swearing and respond with calm - this is apparently worst thing to, a little more abuse later and I am getting exceedingly bored.  No reasoning with this idiot. 

Aspies can be bullied rather easily - it is not in our nature to fight back (unless under extreme conditions) and it also takes us rather a long time to realise that we are being bullied.   I had several years of it from a former boss (I was one of his main targets although he managed to annoy everyone).    It took someone else to point out that what was happening was indeed workplace bullying.  I had not really understood what was going on!  All I knew was confusion and sadness  - from being highly rated in all my previous jobs and headhunted for jobs by people who heard about how good I am, it was utterly odd to be criticised by someone who was very bad at their own job.    I get it now of course - but Aspie processing does slow you down sometimes...

Anyway,  two blissful years with him gone from the workplace, I wasn't too keen to have to take anymore crap from anyone.    I could recognise the signs this time from the type of phrases used (same as the old boss used to use).     Now, I appear passive but inside am not.  Felt quite disturbed by it all.   I was not the only one that day who got it from this agent - my boss and one of our engineers also suffered verbal abuse.  No matter, the issue has gone higher.....will wait and see what Monday brings.

So, husband is talking to me again.  And he did the dishes after supper and put a wash on....hmm.  Pleasant surprise actually.  I suppose some of what I said must have had an impact.  I like it when he does stuff like that - it's his way of saying sorry - you will never hear the word from his mouth but in what he does - fine by me.  Words are cheap.    We will not discuss the row again I shouldn't think.    The good news is that he isn't feeling wordy or talkative so I can still get some peace.  Except from daughter who needs help spelling things - she is making Christmas cards.....stress rising.....that festival just around the corner.......not happy. 

I still have a cold but there are still things out there to make me happy - my daughter's cheerful warbling as she makes cards, my husbands contented shouting at his ex-box and my son phoning to tell me he will be in at a certain time....

Peace at Last. 

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