Sunday, 6 November 2011

Aspie Headaches

Well it seems that headaches are part of Aspie life and we must learn to endure (or take pain killers - which ever works best).

Headache today arose from stress (this is actually how it happens every time with me).  I either get a knot in my colon (IBS) or headache.  Nice eh?

Anyway, why the stress?  Things that most people can take in their stride cause me abject misery - but don't feel sorry for me.  If I am busy stressing, I am not obsessing about other things that could be a great deal worse.

So, Sunday morning - I like my children (and husband) to tackle the housework - I do more than my share (and then some) every day of the week so this is only fair.  Anyway, the children have to tidy their rooms.  Callum has extra duties as he is 15 - vacuum landing and stairs.  Husband does ground floor.   Trying to get them to actually knuckle down is tricky - when I managed it, I was bombarded with requests for help from Rebecca (aged 7) - I was a tad busy sorting out washing, the shopping and cleaning the kitchen.  Not a good mix.   Anyway, she actually did a fair job and I went in to help at the last bit and vacuum.   Son and husband actually did a fair job too! 

The house isn't beautiful and never will be - it has been 'down to the plaster' for a couple of years in readiness for decorating but neither my husband nor I have the time/ability.  So it will stay like that I guess.   My house is also way to full of 'stuff' which is my place of misery.  If I had my way, no-one would have anything but exactly what they need (especially hoarding husband who keeps everything 'just in case' - sadly the event where a heap of spent batteries are required has never come to pass).    

We need to move house so that there is a forced removal of rubbish....hmmm....

Anyway, my daughter has graduated from playing Cbeebies games on my PC to watching porn....indeed!!!  She was looking for music videos having a thing for 'Moves like Jagger' - a fairly inappropriate song (hopefully she doesn't get it).    So, I came up stairs to check on her and she came bombing out of my room looking guilty.  Alarm bells.     I looked up my history....gulp - stuff on there I wouldn't even watch (well, all of it - I am not a fan of pornography).    So, spoke to her about it, asked if she had any questions.....shake of head and a tear later....we are not letting her back on the PC without full supervision.....

Well, I went downstairs a bit shocked and passing the window in the kitchen noticed police cars and incident.  I will not go into details.  It doesn't seem right but obviously involved a couple of lads who maybe have been drinking/doing drugs?   Armed police.....

Now to the bit which is getting me down.  I am trying to roast a shoulder of pork.   Trouble is, the crackling is very crackly and the damn thing still has a good deal of cooking time left....sniff....another culinary disaster.   I blame the Aspergers....for anything I can't do!! 

So, all in all, a fairly busy day for an Aspie.   No time to sit and gather thoughts.   No time.  The story of my life. 

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