Saturday, 5 November 2011

Loud Bangs

There are fireworks going off in all directions - I can hear them. 

We had our mini display in the back garden to appease the small person.    After admitting I was terrified, she took me in hand!

So a round of screaming, ear blocking and running in circles - I had to cope somehow!   I suppose it adds to the 'fun' - seeing your mother nearly out of her mind with fear....It is only in the last couple of years I have learned to be okay with sparklers....

These mini displays in the back garden are still better than the tortuous arranged public displays.  I have been to a couple of these and quite frankly, it would have been a better evening being chased round the kitchen table by a mad axeman.  

Now today was a day of 'making'.  I started rather late having slept like the dead for a shameful amount of time (Aspies get tired out from all the nonsense around them).   But I decided to make soup and a fine soup it is.  All things bright and beautiful - there were carrots, chopped tomatoes, red lentils, a red onion, smoked paprika and a teeny bit of ginger from some heat.  I like mine blended as I am not a huge fan of 'lumpy' soup.  Dunking wholemeal bread into soup is one of the better things in life.  Anyway, it is very good for the children and they did enjoy it for lunch.   For some odd reason I wanted to 'make' chocolate covered marshmallows so that was duly taken care of.  With a little 'help' from Rebecca.  Things that children help to make should come with a government health warning - lots of licking of fingers and touching the food....yuk. 

The best thing was 'making' a berry juice.  Rebecca and I braved another supermarket (for someone who hates them I sure spend a lot of time in them).  I did need to take paracetamol before heading out of the door - primarily because Rebecca was doing the non-stop chat.    I was rather stressed.   Anyway, we returned back with ingredients and shoved strawberries, blueberries, ice and fizzy water into the blender.  Whizzed this.  Poured it out - delicious - had 3 glassfuls.  

Now I don't know if this is an Aspie thing but it is something that I do often.  Someone just happens to mention something e.g Spock (Starship Enterprise) and there I have to go and google stuff all about Spock for sometime.  I frequently post my favourite bits on FB and wait for comments.   Now from the Spockism 'I am making a mnemonic memory circuit from stone knives and bearskins' - the name MacGuyver came up - if I am right, this is a reference to a detective on US television who could make stuff out of virtually nothing e.g. paperclip becomes aerial.  This led me to look up other 'MacGuyvers' and I came across the hugely funny Mrs McGyvers Household Journal - a sort of 1950's take on Mrs Beaton.   Now this journey is not untypical of my little knowledge trails.  I find something, I look it up, I know it for about two days and then I forget it.  Very useful ability when reading crime stories.  I have read and re-read all by Agatha Christie and never tire! 

Got to go now.  Need a soothing cup of green tea and a chocolate covered marshmallow. 

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