Monday, 14 November 2011

OMG - Aspie Overload

Well, it was supposed to be a day off for me so that I could prepare taking my daughter to the dentist.  Rather than suffer the trials of school, I elected to keep her off for the day so that if I could, I would also get her eyes tested.  

Firstly, I was needed in the office briefly in the morning so daughter and I went directly there.  She loves going to my office so this isn't an issue.  What is an issue is my single, childless and confused boss who had a cold and was tired.....mix that with my chatty daughter....

As it transpired, she actually 'got' the fact he was 'not in the mood' and simply stared at him through the glass windows of his office....something which rather put him off his stride in the middle of a chaired meeting! 

It wasn't long before we were back home scrubbing our teeth in readiness to meet new dentist.   My last dentist was great (somewhat insane but great) with me.  He was not child friendly and didn't actually manage to get my daughter to even sit in the chair.  New dentist was fantastic.  Showed her around, got her laughing and in no time, she was out of the chair with a clean bill of health (even after scoffing her own weight in sweets on a weekly basis!). 

She got a sticker.  Nice one.

My turn.  All went well until time came for x-rays.  I have a small mouth (believe it or not) and most dentists have given way to my pleas for child size x-rays.  Not this dude.  He was having none of it - adult size x-rays were going in.    I do on the other hand have a warrior tongue (no rude comments please) and I battled the first x-ray away quite nicely.  Dentist decides to 'relax' the tongue by shoving his paw into my mouth and 'massaging' the gum bed.   If it hadn't been 'less than relaxing' and quite absurd, it would have made quite an erotic scene.  Probably only spoiled by my spurts of objection (for this say 'aaag nog ralaggin').    Get a dentist to translate.  Now all credit to this guy, he got the first one done with admirable firmness.  On for the second.  By this stage we were at it again with the fingers and my tongue flailing around (not so erotically).    Lo, the gag started.   I stopped him in his tracks.  No self respecting dentist wants spew all over his nice clean surgery....

And did he let me off?  No.  A tip 'hold your breath'.  I did same.  X-ray in and out with no further ado.  The guy is a genius.   

I got a sticker.  Nice one.

At this stage I could have happily returned home and watched suicide TV all afternoon but being a good mother decided to brave 'town' to see if eyes could be tested.  Daughter also needed some winter boots - ideal.  

Two hours it took to get 'around town'.  Christmas has started already in the greedy retail establishments around Stirling.  Not happy.  Not even December yet.  Small child like a bloody magpie decides its good to see and touch every single bloody decoration from Next to Marks and Spencer and beyond.    The ancient, the unemployed and the work dodgers were everywhere......I was surrounded and quite uncomfortable.  It's not easy keeping track of an excited child and avoiding eye contract with every patron possible.  Paid a shocking amount for a very small pair of boots in Clarks and then an equally shocking amount for wellies in Debenhams 'designers for children' bit.    Could I shoot all designers?  Would it be justified? 

Got home exhausted.    Thankfully so was daughter.  She did fall asleep for a little bit which was quite nice - finally no talking.  Sadly she woke up to the idea that the large cardboard box her boots came in would make a nice house.......    I did argue to get out of any 'craft like' activity but she was as stubborn as the dentist.  I caved in.   Large cardboard box now a pitched roof Christmas house....and still there is more to be done on it.  Tomorrow night looking fun too then.....heaven help me.

Not surprisingly, I have an Aspie headache, I feel rather vulnerable and not a little fragile.  It's like a hangover without any of the fun getting there! 

Can't wait to get back to my work.....Never did get her eyes tested.....that will have to wait....

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