Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Homework and Forgetting it All

Interesting day.....

Touch of sarcasm there...did you spot it?

Right so the day went pretty much as planned.  Catching up with work I missed yesterday from having a day off with my very talkative daughter.

The evening was a bit of a bind.  First of all, supper was nearly an hour late as ribs require a lot of cooking!  The upside of this is that everyone was starving so they pretty much ate without too many complaints (notice the 'not too many' - still had plenty).   There were ribs, spring rolls, fried rice, lemon chicken, satay chicken and chopped veg.  Pretty much I only cooked the ribs - the rest I fear was shop bought.  I am not a fan but everyone else is fairly relieved I didn't cook....read previous blogs for insights into my culinary abilities.  It wont take long....arf. 

Well the downside of late supper is that there is less time for everything else.   Except my son's homework of course.  He has a maths exam on Friday - they call them NABs - don't ask me 'cos I don't actually know what this means.  A test is what we called them.  Anyway, from being quite good at maths, he has taken on the role of 'numpty' and forgotten everything.  He turns his little hopeful face to mine...awww....he is fifteen and not cute anymore....well, maybe just to me.

What we now find is that I am also a numpty - could I remember gradients or standard deviation? Nope.  I do know it.  It is in there somewhere.  It is normally easy-peasy to me. But Aspie brain decides tonight is not the night to reveal all knowledge mathematical.   I gave in eventually and he is asking his teacher tomorrow.  This does not help the Aspie 'must know' imperative that is bubbling inside me.  I will have to steal his booklets and work stuff out myself....in my own time of course....this can be two minutes or two hours depending on the speed of inter-galatic connections of my spacey neurons.  I find it confusing that sometimes things are okay and other times even thinking about simple things is like walking in wellies through mud.  I wish I could be a little more consistent!  Ah well. 

Daughter is now abed and son is playing xbox with step father.  Bonding time.  I leave them to it.  It is frankly the only thing they have in common.   Stops them killing each other so it can't be a bad thing. 

Life in the fast lane.   Be careful where you aim your lights.

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