Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Parents Evening and Other Breaks to the Routine

Well, it's been a busy old time.  First of all Samhain and Halloween - these things need 'organised'.  I had to brave 3 supermarkets to get the last misshapen pumkin from Sainsbury!  All was well, the beast was lovingly carved into a scary face and the 'alter' set up - included nuts and fruit (and a few sweets) but no skull - just taking it too far that is.    So, how do Aspies like Halloween ?  Well, I prefer the more Celtic traditions but modern Halloween is fine for children.  Some Aspies don't like the 'feel' of dressing up clothes or masks on their face.  If they have social phobias - there will be no door knocking!   And of course the rather eerie nature of it all can spook some Aspies too.  

Rebecca was high as a kite when I picked her up from her after-school club.  She donned her shop bought witches outfit, scoffed a meagre supper and we went out guising.   Fortunately she only expects to do half a dozen houses - lucky me - only had to speak with a few neighbours - random torture but it didn't drag.  

A tip to deal with the little angels that appear on your doorstep with great expectations - bag up before hand.  Don't hand them a bowl or the first guisers will rob you blind.  I just put some sweets, monkey nuts and a couple of lollies in individual bags.  I can then count the eejits on the doorstep very quickly, toss some bags at them and they disappear into the darkness.

Guisers nowadays are a bit lame...gone are the terrible jokes or silly songs - now they just appear with an open Asda bag and look at you as if you had two heads.   They have annoyingly adopted the phrase 'trick or treat' in some cases - so I say 'treat please' - also met with blank stares....apparently it's just something you don't actually expect them to 'do' it's pretty rubbish.   For an Aspie it's just plain confusion - why say it????

Anyway, my Rebecca actually wrote a poem for the event and made each poor neighbour listen - serves them right.   I get a malicious pleasure out of it.   It was a bloody good poem though.  They were lucky. 

Have I mentioned the Halloween disco at the school - that was last week.  Another evening of dodging people - I find looking down at my shoes usually stops any eye contact.  Only people who know me well will say 'hello' - I don't mind that.  Anyway, two routine busting events in a very short space of time - of course I stressed about it all.

Talking of which - more stress - parents evening.    Sitting amid endless parents and teachers.  If it was a dream, I would have woken up in a cold sweat begging for mercy.  But like everything else, I made it through and actually Rebecca is doing well at school - the fact that she is chatty also mentioned by the previous blogs to get the full effect of this remark. 

Next problem is fireworks night.  I don't really like fireworks - too noisy, too bright, too much.  But we endure for the children - it's still part of our traditions so we just put up with it!     After that we have the countdown to the miserable tradition of Christmas.   My heart sinks.  It is so disruptive, so over stimulating, so exhausting.   I really wish it could be cancelled  - in fact I often fantasise about becoming a Jehovas witness - they rubber it big time.  I am sure God knew that it would turn into a circus!    Christmas Day is the day I have a drink...of alcohol that is.  I get splattered.  Apparently I am highly amusing before I sink into a chair and snore loudly.    Pretty lucky. 

Have been quite a good parent today.  Am pleased with myself.   Me to Facebook - see my Aspie friends and get cyber hugs and sympathy - one of the joys of knowing other Aspies is just not having to explain myself.  All I need say is 'parents evening' and they go 'awwww'.    Am a very happy person today. 

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